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Enchanted wedding castle with frescoed galleries for your wedding in Italy


This wedding castle is a true fairytale location fit for a princess. Dating back to 500 ad., this castle  was once a fortress and tower and in the 16 century was converted into a true castle. Placed at the very top of a hilltop city, the castle has 360 degree views overlooking the valley. Its courtyard and its frescoed rooms allow you to travel back in time for a day and enjoy the splendor of past centuries celebrating a gorgeous wedding for you and your guests.



With large towers rising above the courtyard and long frescoed galleries, this venue can accommodate up to 200 wedding guests. Your Italian wedding is sure to be something magical that will bring you back in time. This ancient castle is a unique place. The castle can be see from any point in the small city and is sure to delight all guests wether they are looking out at the valley views or up at the ancient castle. The Italian garden, a secret garden within the walls allows you to celebrate a  civil ceremony, legally binding or a symbolic one.  This one site wedding ceremony allow you to move on to the courtyard where the romantic atmosphere is accented by privacy of the surrounding structure. On the otherhand, the frescoed interior galleries allow you to create a long Imperial table where your guests can really go back in dreaming time. The castle also offers for your wedding guests other activites including a billiard room where you can offer cigars and chocolate and a ballroom to dance the night away in. On the evening of your wedding, the castle will come to life with the colors of the flickering torches to brighten the walls of the courtyard and makes the atmosphere even more magical.


In this castle, you can legally celebrate your civil marriage without having to move the guests to and from the town hall community center where civil marriages are usually legalized. You can also have a beautiful symbolic wedding or blessing in many areas of the castle and enter by walking the long frescoed galleries or in the internal courtyard.


This castle can offer many wedding reception areas. Guests can enjoy aperitifs in the garden or in the courtyard and the gala dinner in one of the galleries or in the fireplace room. Both in good weather and in case of rain, the castle offers you many options without having to worry about the weather.


The Castle has three bedrooms with a bridal suite where you can get ready in the castle.

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  • AREA: Umbria and Lazio Borders
  • CEREMONY ON SITE:  Legally Binding, Symbolic,  Blessing
This castle give to you the opportunity to have a “fairytale” wedding.  The courtyard, the galleries, the breathtaking view has a luxury and classy touch.
Two long galleries  can host a very luxury wedding. In there is possible to set up long imperial tables up to 200 people each gallery.
Thwe large courtyard open to a breathtaking view is a romantic jewel. Light it with torches and candles.

The Luxury Gallery

The luxury Gallery for your castle wedding in Italy

The Courtyard

The courtyard at the sunset in your wedding castle in Italy

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