Latest bridal trend 2019

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As we look at the wedding trends for 2019, we are seeing a lot of romance, soft beauty, and understated chic decor. Professionals in the wedding industry love when these trends make their way to the forefront. Why? Because the selections available to create the fantasy wedding allow for unlimited possibilities.

Destinations weddings

There will all be a number of brides who want to exchange their vows on a beautiful island. This year we are seeing a significant number of couples are looking to make their weddings a fairytale wedding.

 The royal wedding made an impression on brides. Every bride wants to be a princess for her special day. These dreams can come true if the couple selects Italy as their wedding destination. In Italy, a family can book luxury accommodations and venues in modern villas. These have every accommodation to keep guests happy, comfortable, and feeling pampered.

 Of course, the venue of choice for our princess bride is an authentic castle. Have your wedding in a beautiful courtyard in a castle tower. There are larger castles to accommodate large families. You can choose a castle that overlooks the sea or a castle that overlooks a lake.

Latest Bridal Trends For 2019

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Wedding Gowns

Gowns this year will be very soft and feminine. There is a trending gown that will reflect your unique style with a blush pink wedding dress. The blushing pink dress (like the white gown) gives the look of youth and innocence.

Styles of dress vary from form fitting to very large skirts. All eyes are on the back, so the back of the gowns selected have low backs, lace backs, or embroidered fabrics. that gives the gown a personal touch. To enhance the gown and give the bride a second look, you will see wedding capes draping her shoulders.

For an unusual and soft look, bridesmaids escorting the bride in her subtle pink gown is accented by their dresses in lavender or very light pastel purple.

he Bridal Crown

No princess wedding will be complete unless the bride is wearing a beautiful tiara. Most brides are not wearing a veil so the tiara is more visible. Bridesmaids may wear a smaller version, a jeweled hair comb or nothing at all on their hair.

White Pantsuit or Jumpsuit

Would you consider getting married in pants? If so, you will be in good company. Brides are opting to wear beautiful white jumpsuits or pants for their wedding. They are more comfortable and very fashionable. The pants are made for the same material as the traditional wedding gown. If you like the idea, but cannot give up your wedding gown, consider buying a pants outfit for the reception.

Trending colors

The blushing pink gown is always a favorite and this year it has evolved to a beautiful choice for a bride. Hues of purple are being worn by bridesmaids. Deep plum or royal purple is perfect for a formal affair after 6.

Metallic fabrics made their way to the trends of 2017, and 2018. This year instead of silver, gold, or rose gold, you will see metallic rust color. This is a striking look and will hold its trending status for a while.


As we stated above, this is the year of romance. Brides will create their perfect wedding in magical venues. The colors of the season will complement any skin tone. Now is the time to prepare for your fairytale wedding.