Weddin bouquetFLOWERS

Flowers play an essential part in creating an atmosphere for your wedding in Italy, starting from the Bouquet that accompanies the Bride and Bridesmaids, they decorate and create atmosphere in the rooms where the bride starts getting ready, the car of the newlyweds, the ceremony venue and the reception venue. We will help you in choosing the best floral arrangement that will compliment the venue, taking into account your own personalities/tastes and the venues chosen to be decorated, according to the style and architecture of the venue with its spaces used for the event.


When organizing your wedding, we pay special care to the choice of music for your magic wedding in Italy. You can choose various types of music to accompany your ceremony and reception party, as this plays an important part in creating the right atmosphere. Often it is one of the aspects that is given little attention, but we only notice how important it is, if it is missing. The right choice of music will create an atmosphere when you recite your vows, create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, create a party atmosphere at your reception and emphasise moments of emotions and sentiments throughout your wedding.

services_haistylesHAIRSTYLING AND MAKE-UP

It is important that on this day you feel and look your best so that you can fully enjoy your celebration,therefore during this special event it is advisable to avoid doing things yourself. We can arrange that you put yourselves in the hands of experts who take care of your looks, hairstyle and make-up. We will arrange a visit with a Hair Specialist and Make-up Artist that knows how to advise you on the most suitable hairstyles for you, taking into account your personality and keeping the style in tone with the dress you have chosen. Only an expert knows how to listen to your preferences and advise you on suitable styles.

wedding photographer in ItalyPHOTOGRAPHERS

Our wedding photographers have been selected on the basis of their art in creating unique pictures and noble sentiments in one shot. We have checked their skills and always make sure that he/she is able to express the styles and tones that the Bride and Groom have requested, maintaining their discretion enough to know how to do their job without making you aware of their presence. They cover the whole wedding day, from the getting ready of the Bride and Groom to the cutting of the cake and the reception party, therefore covering all the aspects of your unforgettable day.

celebrant and interpreterCELEBRANT AND INTERPRETER

There are several way to have your celebration, symbolic, legally bind wedding, protestant blessing, jewish wedding, we are able to offer to you the right person that can satisfy your nees for your wedding in Italy. If you decide to have a symbolic wedding, we can arrange an english speaking Celebrant that can conduct your wedding or also to offer to you the right the different churches as i.e. synagogue. We have a fully bilingual interpreter at your disposal during your visits before your wedding day and totally dedicated to you on the day of your wedding.

wedding paperwork italyPAPERWORK

One of the most important aspect of the wedding is related at the paperwor. For spouse want to have a civil wedding, legally binding, is necessary your wedding will be valid also in your country. On this end, we help you to organize and complete all the paperwork involved in having your civil wedding in Italy we can offer you this service. This includes all the assistance on the respective embassies/consulates and the respective town councils and communes of where your wedding is to take place.

wedding caterer in ItalyCATERER AND RECEPTION

Some of the castles hasn’t a proper restauran on site, so will be necessary to hire a caterer to serve you food, and all the stuff as chairs, tables, marquee, etc.. We work with selected caterers that can offer to you the desired food and services. Some of you would need particular services as Kosher food for jewish wedding or particular kind of cuisine, we can do it too. Each and every venue is personally visited by us and amongst the variety there is certainly something that will satisfy your needs all with high quality standards.

Day before wedding in ItalyDAY BEFORE AND DAY AFTER

Depending on the your needs and requirements we arrange a dinner or get-together for the couple and their guests the day before the wedding day, which is a wonderful way for your guests to mingle and for you to welcome everyone. Often couples also request a lunch or snack dinner the day after the wedding to thank and say bye bye. the informal party can be organized in the same venue or also in another venue close by.


Always remember to have a hearty breakfast on the day of your wedding. With all the emotions of the day you might risk collapsing at the altar.

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