Sophie Epton wedding photographerSophie Epton – Wedding photograpger

Tell us more about you and your story. My name is Sophie Epton and I’m a fine art wedding photographer based out of Austin, TX.  Together with my husband Jordan (we are a husband + wife team) we have been shooting weddings together for five years now, … [→ read more]

Chris Von MartialChris Von Martial – Wedding Suite personal designer

Tell us something about yourself and the brand. Hi, my name is Chris von Martial, and I’m a personal designer, offering exclusive made-to-measure suits for men with high standards. I started to study fashion design and pattern making in Paris in 2005. Right after that I immediately started working as a designer with Pronuptia, … [→ read more]

wedding italy photographerWhite fashion photographer – Eigirdas Scinskas

Can you tell us a little about yourselves?  Eigirdas Scinskas is a talented and dynamic, award-winning professional wedding photographer with an international reputation and experience. His fashion and weddings photographs regularly appear in the fashion pages of magazines and best of wedding blog’s worldwide. [ → read more ]

amoandpaul_0WEDDING COUPLE IN ITALY – Paul and Amo

How did the idea come to mind to have your wedding in Italy?  We researched Wedding Planners in Tuscany and Umbria on the internet, emailed about 6 different providers, received replies back from 4 and chose two of those 4. We then travelled to Italy and met the Planners in Tuscany & Umbria who then showed us 5 or 6 different venues. [ → read more ]

martaszczesniak_0WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – Marta Szczesniak

Tell me about yourself. I’m a polish wedding and event photographer living on the French Riviera.I used to work as a model in the past and find that I’m incorporating the fashion elements more and more with my brides.I’m always searching for the perfect moment, the perfect light…      [ → read more ]

marciwarhaft_0FITNESS AND BEAUTY FOR BRIDE AND GROOM – Marci Warhaft

Tell me about yourself and your profession? My name is Marci Warhaft-Nadler and I am the founder of Fit vs Fiction, an interactive workshop for students, teachers and parents, designed to expose society’s dangerous interpretation of fitness and beauty and explain the true meaning of healthy living… [ → read more ]

shocolaate_0 CHOCOLATE MAKING – Shocolaate – Diana Pace and Cristina Vives

Tell me about yourself. When did you start this job. 

Shocolaate was started a little over one year ago. Cristy went to culinary school and afterward took her first job at Mar-a-Lago with the esteemed pastry team. Shortly there after, she decided to start her own brand, Shocolaate. I see to the day-to-day operations and packaging. [ → read more ]

marcomiglianti_0 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – Marco Miglianti

Tell me about yourself. When did you start this job.

I am Marco Miglianti, a wedding photographer, strange isn’t it? Photographers are usually embarrassed to only photograph weddings, but I really like doing this, I like the air that you breathe at weddings, the emotions that you and others feel, the atmosphere. [ → read more ]


Always remember to have a hearty breakfast on the day of your wedding. With all the emotions of the day you might risk collapsing at the altar.

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